Adverse OB Events

By adopting best practices for all phases of pregnancy, from preconception to delivery, hospitals are ensuring the health of babies and mothers and providng the safest possible  maternity care.

Since 2010, the work of the Washington State Hospital Association partners and hospitals has resulted in a 90% reduction in early elective deliveries and a cost savings of $5 million. This reduction resulted in 1,900 babies allowed to fully mature before they were born.

Strategies and Tools

Early Elective Deliveries
-   Post Partum Hemorrhage: Download the hemoorhage best practices toolkit here
-   Pre-eclampsia: Download the
 preeclampsia toolkit from California Maternal Quality Care Collaborative outlining best practices here.
-  Safe Deliveries Roadmap: To go to the Safe Deliveries Roadmap page click here


Additional Resources


 N1H1 Flu Shots are Safe for Pregnant Women. Click here to read the article from NIH Matters.


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