Core Competencies

To support the development of both the organization and its staff, WSHA has created core competencies to help define performance expectations to achieve its goals and objectives.

Commitment to Service to Our Members the ability to build strong relationships, anticipating and responding to members' needs consistent with WSHA's vision, mission and objectives.

Ability to Deliver Results the ability to make realistic/relevant connections between one's work, the work of WSHA and hospitals as businesses, caregivers, and employers.

Personal Integrity the ability to accomplish one's work by demonstrating integrity, trustworthiness, and dependability; and maintaining WSHA's reputation as a leader in improving the health status of the citizens of Washington State.

Effective Communication the ability to clearly articulate issues to members and key partners, articulate clear goals/work schedules for WSHA employees and partners, and proactively share and respond to information with appropriate internal and external groups.

Effective Management the ability to advance the work of WSHA by managing its human, financial, and physical resources.

Cultural Competency the ability to foster a respectful and inclusive workplace, creating practices that leverage diverse perspectives. Demonstrating the skills, attitudes, and sensitivities essential for leading in a diverse, multi-cultural world.