Best Practice D) Care Guidelines

Goal:  Assist patients with their care plans

This goal addresses the issue of access to primary care. The standard requires ED physicians and hospitals to contact the PRC client's primary care provider after the patient visits the ED. If needed, a follow-up appointment should be scheduled within 72 hours of the ED visit. If no appointment is required, the primary care physician should be notified that the patient visited the ED. The Health Care Authority (HCA) should be notified by hospital personnel if there are any barriers to the client accessing care with his or her primary care physician.

How to Accomplish

This goal requires the development of a system to contact primary care providers during and after a PRC visit to the ED and a system to relay access problems to HCA. WSHA is investigating different approaches and will provide materials that may be helpful to hospitals as they work to implement this goal.

Webcast Resource: Best Practice C & D: Patient Review and Coordination (PRC) Slides (May 2012) 


Amber Theel