Best Practice G) Use of Feedback Information

Goal: Review reports, ensure interventions are working

The purpose of this goal is to ensure that interventions are indeed reducing emergency department visits and saving Medicaid dollars. To meet this goal, hosptials will need to designate an ER leader and quality manager to recieve, review,  and act on utilization management reports. Organizations will also need to report key data to the Health Care Authority.

How to Accomplish

WSHA, WSMA, WA/ACEP and the state Health Care Authority are developing metrics on performance by hospitals and physicians. Example of possible measures include:

  • Rate of unnecessary visits,
  • Rate of visits by PRC clients, and
  • Rate of PRC clients with treatment plans Rate of prescriptions with long-acting opioids.
  • Percent of care guidelines for patients seen in the ED more than five times in 12 months.

Hospitals need to ensure their ED providers are all trained. WA/ACEP will provide a training template for providers on patient education in accessing appropriate care and on guidelines for narcotic prescibing and monitoring.

Each hospital will also need to include the ED best practices in their regular quality assurance program.


WSHA provides members with monthly ER reports. If your facility is not recieving these, please contact Brandon Wong.