Federal Advocacy

All hospitals in the country are heavily impacted by federal law and policy. WSHA partners with and supports the American Hospital Association in advocating for hospitals on issues that are of common concern.

But there are federal issues that are of particular concern to Washington, such as our desire to transform the health care system into one that emphasizes coordination of care, quality of care, patient safety, and lower costs. We want to be rewarded, not penalized, for our efficient system as federal health reform moves forward. In addition, we are committed to ensuring continued access to health care services in rural areas. 

Those are also the interests of Oregon as well, and so WSHA has partnered with the Oregon Association of Hospitals and Health Systems’ (OAHHS) to develop and pursue a joint federal public policy agenda.

This agenda has five goals:

  • Health care coverage for all residents of Oregon and Washington;
  • Access to high quality health care services throughout our states;
  • Fundamental delivery system reforms that result in higher quality of care and greater value for the dollars spent on medical care;
  • An adequate supply of health care professionals; and
  • A common sense approach to regulating health care providers.

You can download WSHA’s 2015 Federal Policy Agenda, including details about our short-term initiatives, here.

For more information, contact Cassie Sauer or Chelene Whiteaker