Medicaid Expansion

Washington State has a once-in-a-generation opportunity to expand health coverage through Medicaid to many of the currently uninsured. The legislature needs to act in 2013 to take full advantage of this opportunity. Most of the newly eligibles will be low-income adults who are not now receiving primary or preventive care. It will also bring in some people – including children – who are currently eligible, but not enrolled.

Expanding Medicaid makes financial sense. It allows Washington State to move current state enrollees (Basic Health and Disability Lifeline) to the federal Medicaid program and save state funds. Under the current program, the state pays for half the costs of their care, but with expansion, their care will be fully federally funded. The Medicaid expansion will actually save the state money. Read WSHA's Policy Brief on Medicaid Expansion.

Washington Residents Support Medicaid Expansion

A recent Elway Poll shows 2/3 of Washington State residents support Medicaid expansion. Check out the results of the poll here.

Legislative Handout Statewide Support for Medicaid Expansion with Editorials

Medicaid Expansion Makes Sense for Washington State

Many communities are speaking out in favor of Medicaid expansion in Washington State. Learn more by reading these editorials from newspapers across the state.



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