Policy/Advocacy Team


The members of the Policy/Advocacy Team represent hospitals and health systems before federal, state, and local governments. Team members work with hospital and health system leaders and elected officials to support priorities of the Washington State Hospital Association (WSHA) and the Association of Washington Public Hospital Districts (AWPHD). Team members also work with federal, state, and local agencies to help ensure appropriate enforcement and administration of policies, rules, and laws related to hospitals and health systems.

For more information about the Policy/Advocacy Team, see wsha-archive.seattlewebgroup.com or contact Cassie Sauer, team leader at 206-216-2538 or cassies@wsha.org.

Taya Briley

General Legal Counsel
(206) 216-2554
(206) 605-7437 (cell)

Andrew Busz

Policy Director, Finance
(206) 216-2533
(206) 914-5971 (cell)

Mary Kay Clunies-Ross

Vice President
Communications & Public Affairs
(206) 216-2894
(206) 817-4845 (cell)

Ian Corbridge

Policy Director, Clinical Issues
(206) 216-2514


Ben Lindekugel

Executive Director
(206) 216-2528
(206) 356-6207 (cell)

Lori Martinez

PAC and Legislative Manager
(206) 577-1838

Claudia Sanders

Senior Vice President,
Policy Development
(206) 216-2508

Cassie Sauer

Senior Vice President, Advocacy & Government Affairs
(206) 216-2538
(206) 714-4603 (cell)

Zosia Stanley

Policy Director, Access
(206) 216-2511

Jacqueline Barton True

Director of Rural Health Programs
(206) 216-2541

Chelene Whiteaker

Policy Director, Member Advocacy
(206) 216-2545
(425) 239-9373

* AWPHD – Association of Washington Public Hospital Districts
   WSHA – Washington State Hospital Association
   Everyone works for WSHA only, except where indicated otherwise.

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