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October 23 Safe Table Webcast Fall PreventionJune 3 Safe Table In PersonSeptember 5 Safe Table In PersonJuly 9 Safe Table In Person InfectionsSeptember 23 Safe Table In Person Readmissions and Hospital Acquired ConditionsJune 17 Webcast - InfectionsJuly 18 Webcast - Adverse Drug EventsJuly 15 Safe Table - Patient and Family Engagement WebcastJune 3 Safe Table In Person - ReadmissionsMay 21 Falls Prevention Education Resource Package WebcastMay 29 Safe Table Webcast - Patient and Family EngagementMay 13, Safe Table InfectionsEngaging Leadership and Transforming CultureOB Roadmap Steering Committee MembersApril 23 Safe Table In Person InfectionsApril 18 Safe Table Webcast ReadmissionsFebruary 26 Safe Table-ReadmissionsApril 1 Safe Deliveries Roadmap Safe TableMarch 18 Safe Table (In Person) - ADEMarch 12, 2014 Safe Table Webcast Surgical Site InfectionsFebruary 12 Safe Table webcast Preventing FallsFebruary 11 Safe Table Webcast VTEFebruary 6 Infections Safe Table In PersonOctober 22, 2013 Safe Table - Safe Deliveries Roadmap (Webcast)January 24, 2014 Webcast CAUTIJanuary 15, 2014 Falls and Pressure Ulcers In PersonNovember 21 Safe Table Web Conference Partnership for Patients Trainings and Safe TablesOctober 31, 2013 Eliminating Infections ? CAUTI Safe Table WebcastNovember 6 Safe Table Fall Prevention (Webcast)Adverse OB EventsOctober 31, 2013 Eliminating Infections ? CAUTI Safe Table WebcastStrategies for SuccessSeptember 16 In Person Safe Table ADESeptember 30 In Person Safe Table InfectionsOctober 4 Webcast ReadmissionsSeptember 25 Safe Deliveries Roadmap WebcastEngaging Leadership and Transforming CultureSeptember 5 Webinar Pressure Ulcers Deep Tissue InjuriesJuly 10, 2013 In-Person Safe Table ReadmissionsJune 19 Safe Table Webcast SSIJuly 31, 2013 In-Person Safe TableHospital Acquired Infections Injuries from Falls and ImmobilityJune 4 Safe Table Safe DeliveriesMay 31 Webinar FallsApril 30 Safe Table Adverse Drug EventsMay 2, 2013 Safe Table Webinar - HAI/CLABSIApril 11 Safe Table Webinar CAUTIIn-Person Safe Table Preventing Infections January 31, 2013In Person Safe Table-Falls and Pressure Ulcers February 20, 2013Safe Table Infections February 27January 18 Webinar-VTEMarch 14 ADE WebinarMarch 19 Safe TablePatient and Family EngagementVenous ThromboembolismPreventable ReadmissionsVentilator-Associated PneumoniaPressure UlcersCentral Line-Associated Blood Stream InfectionsSurgical Site InfectionsCatheter-Associated Urinary Tract InfectionsAdverse Drug EventsNetwork Participants
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