Videos and Media

The Washington State Hospital Association has created many videos that explain key issues that are important to members, and that also impact providers, patients and the overall community.

The New Blue H

Blue H Video StillHospitals are evolving to meet the changing needs of their communities. This video shows how hospitals and health systems in Washington State are rising to the occasion and moving beyond the traditional image of the blue H.

This is a beautiful video that explores the role of hospitals to provide preventive care, to improve care quality and to innovate. Hospitals of all sizes and in all parts of the state are featured.

View the full 8-minute video here.

View the compressed 3-minute cut here.

Time for Safe Patient Handling and Mobility

Rates of injury to hospital workers are higher than to workers in most other industries, often due to patient handling. This video brings healthcare executives, managers, and frontline staff together on the importance of safe patient handling, with an emphasis on taking the time to use appropriate safety equipment and teamwork. It provides an excellent tool for orientations and trainings to establish a safe culture.

View the video here.

Honoring Choices Pacific Northwest

Honoring Choices Video StillGetting the conversation started on—while you are still able—on how you want to live near the end of your life, so your wishes can be honored when the time comes. Honoring Choices Pacific Northwest is your resource to start the conversation and make a personal plan for your end-of-life care. Do it for the ones you love. Do it for yourself.

Visit or for more information.


Washington Hospital Quality

Hospital Quality Video StillWhat does hospital quality mean? It means that health care providers are taking the right steps at the right time, and patients are healthier because of it.

This video will introduce you to so you can see how to use the site to see and compare hospital quality scores and learn more about how to be an informed, engaged patient.

Visit for more information.


Safe Deliveries Roadmap

Safe Deliveries Roadmap StillThis initiative aims to improve maternal and infant outcomes by establishing and promoting evidence-based care standards for four phases of the perinatal continuum – pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, labor and delivery, and postpartum. 


Patient Safety

Washington State hospitals are committed to providing high quality health care, working individually and collectively to identify problems and make improvements so every patient receives high-quality care. Through the Washington State Hospital Association’s Patient Safety Program, hospitals set competition aside and work together to share best practices and measure improvements in areas as diverse as hand-washing, surgical infections, re-hospitalizations, and early deliveries.

The Impact of the Partnership for Patients Initiative (May 2014)

WSHA CEO Scott Bond on Partnership for Patients (May 2014)

Patient Safety Resources: Fall Prevention (March 2014)

Executive Rounding

Executive rounding for safety can be an effective tool for increasing a culture of safety throughout your health care system. By increasing communication and understanding of safety successes and risks, executive rounding helps all levels of staff work together to protect the safety of patients and workers alike. This video uses demonstrations and interviews to help you understand why and how you can adopt executive rounding for safety where you work.

Innovations in Rural Health Care

Rural Hospital SignEvery day, rural hospitals in Washington State provide access to essential health care services. Rural hospitals are uniquely positioned to provide patient centered care.

Watch these videos below to see how rural hospitals throughout Washington are already trying new and innovative ways of providing their communities with efficient and convenient access to high quality health care across the care continuum.

Innovations in Rural Health Care: Integrating Primary and Behavioral Health featuing Newport Hospital in Newport, WA

Innovations in Rural Health Care: Expanding Access Through Virtual Medicine featuring Lincoln Hospital in Davenport, WA

Innovations in Rural Health Care: Building for the Future featuring Summit Pacific Medical Center in Elma, WA

Washington Public Hospital Districts

Many communities in Washington State don't realize the powerful resource they have in their community hospital. There are 57 public hospital districts operating across Washington State (visit the Association of Washington Public Hospital Districts for more). Public hospital districts are uniquely positioned to meet the changing health care needs of their community because they are run by an elected board run by members of the communities they serve.

Meeting Health Care Needs Across the State

Providing Value to Our Communities

Over the Back Fence: Tips on talking to your neighbors and reporters about how your hospital is changing, and why.