Governance of the Future

10-11am, September 28, 2015

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Like all non-profit organizations, WSHA is governed by a board of trustees who are responsible for ensuring the organization is advancing its mission and meeting its goals, following the law and being a good stewards of its resources.

The WSHA board is committed to ensuring that this organization continues to be a strong, effective advocate for Washington State hospitals and health systems and the patients and communities they serve long into the future. Last October, the board created a task force and charged it with doing a careful examination of WSHA current board structure and practices to ensure that our structure is strong, flexible and representative.

After extensive outreach and conversations with WSHA members across the state, the task force created a set of recommendations that will make some changes to the structure of the board and our committees. At the 2015 WSHA Annual Meeting (October 7), the membership will be voting on the changes to the bylaws. Each institutional member will have one vote. Please click here to view the proposed changes to the bylaws.

A web cast to detail the proposals will be held on September 28. For connection information, please contact Linda Simmons at 206.216.2510. 

The infographic below includes details about the recommendations and proposals. Here are a few significant points to note:

  • The size of the WSHA board is not changing: it is still 24 voting members.
  • The role of the nominating committee is enhanced and expanded.
  • More board seats are open for nomination and election.
  • August 2016: the number of non-voting representatives attending all board meetings will decrease from 14 to 2: some positions become regular board members and others will attend board meetings on a targeted basis, determined by topic.

For more information, contact Taya Briley at tayab@wsha.org.


WSHA and AWPHD Present
The Fundamentals of Patient Safety for Boards

Watch a recording of this webcast (July 20, 2015)

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Patient safety and quality are primary fiduciary responsibilities for governing boards. WSHA and AWPHD jointly began a series of “Fundamentals” webcasts for members of hospital and health system boards and commissions on a variety of topics. The first in the series took place on Monday, July 20 on the topic: “Fundamentals of Patient Safety." Carol Wagner, Senior VP for WSHA’s nationally recognized Patient Safety program, shared the essentials, as both an introduction to the topic and as a refresher. There were two parts, each 20 minutes in length, as follows:

  1. “Fundamentals of Patient Safety Part 1:”   Do you fully understand your fiduciary duties as board members?  What are the basics of what you should know about patient safety and quality in your organization?  How best should you focus on patient safety in your board meetings? What are the core measures to follow?  What are the best ways to share patient stories in the board setting?  These and other practical tools will be shared.

  2. “Fundamentals of Patient Safety Part 2:”  How can boards best lead on quality and safety into the future?  How do you know you’re getting the data you need?  Can you interpret the reports and charts you are receiving? How does transparency of your quality data serve your patients and community?  What are the changes underway for how we measure and what we measure, as well as reimbursements?

Questions? Please contact Deborah Swets, deborahs@wsha.org, or Ben Lindekugel, benl@awphd.org.

2015 Legislative Session Webcast

What Happened? What Do Hospitals and Health Systems Need to be Doing Now?

Watch a recording of this webcast (July 15, 2015)

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2015 was a particularly challenging year in the Washington State Legislature, but now that it’s over, it’s time to review what happened on WSHA’s major initiatives. This webcast reviewed the outcomes of the session, including the hospital safety net assessment, mental health funding, pharmacy issues, physician residencies and more. There are a number of new opportunities and issues to respond to for hospital and health system leaders. Learn what you should be doing now.

Questions? Please contact Mary Kay Clunies-Ross at (206) 216-2894 or marykaycr@wsha.org.  

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